Transition to optimal health - A detailed illustration of the transitional steps toward optimal health, that places emphasis on the gradual steps towards homeostasis. There’s much detail on determining food categories, fundamentals of food preparation, balanced food combining, and the other factors imperative to health and well being. An exploration into the basic fundamental of how our body functions, its composition and the structure and functions of our cells. A detailed exploration into the various mutations of all commercially and organically produced food on the market, and its impact on illness and disease. It gives details on food additives, proper cookware, proper eating utensils, transitions and substitutes that gradually that gradually result in the prevention of illness and disease. The Do's and Dont's of food preparations and cooking guidelines, along with an evaluation of the entire food chain and its influence toward health and disease; Live (raw) food regimen  An observation of the food combining and food categories used in Live food regimens. An illustration of consistent guidelines for Live (raw) food preparation.    $8.00 - PDF                                                    

Transition to optimal health