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Tomato wild, “Zeus” Cherry (Solanum lycopersicum) Perennial in the Nightshade Family, native to Central America, grown as an annual outside the Tropics. Sprawling indeterminate vines in multitude, to at least 6′ long. Generous clusters of fruit mature in sequence towards the tip, providing continual daily harvest during the season. 


Planting suggestions: Average garden soil. Full Sun. Try direct-sowing as soon as the soil has warmed – that’s all this variety has ever needed! Otherwise, do the usual tomato starting thing, sowing in flats x-many weeks before the Final Frost date, potting up, hardening off, la dee da, etc. Give 24-36” spacing. Can container-garden. Provide something for it to climb. Harvest when fruit easily falls from the vine.

Tomato - wild “Zeus” Cherry

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