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  • The Litchi Tomato, aka Solanum Sisymbriifolium, is a fruit producing plant in the solanaceae (nightshade) family. It's a relatively unknown plant here in North America, but is more common in South America. One might wonder why anyone would grow such a sharp plant in the garden, but after tasting how delicious the fruits are, the answer becomes obvious; they're absolutely amazing! The fruits taste remarkably like cherries, but with a hint of tomato; they're very sweet, juicy, and pleasantly tart too. These are some of the best tasting fruits in the solanaceae genus. It's easy to know when the fruits are ripe because the calyx peels away from the fruit, and it comes off the plant with minimal force. These plants are perennial down to zone 6a, but will produce well as an annual in other regions too.    S. sisymbriifolium

Litchi Tomato

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