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​​​​​​Transition to optimal health - wild and indigenous foods

A detailed illustration of the transitional steps toward optimal health, that places emphasis on the optimal genetics of wild and indigenous foods that negates the development of all foodborne illness and disease, and its resilience in transforming our genetic well-being, while revitalizing adult stem cells. There’s much detail on determining food categories, fundamentals of food preparation, balanced food combining, and the other factors imperative to health and well being. An exploration into the basic fundamental of how our body functions, its composition and the structure and functions of our cells. A detailed exploration into the various mutations of all commercially and organically produced food on the market, and its impact on genetic borne illness and disease. A listing of charts of the various plant families along with their Wild and Indigenous foods. and their descriptions and photos. A brief analysis of how sustainable farming employing wild, indigenous and pre-heirloom seeds is the only salvation for our health and well being. An evaluation of the entire food chain and its influence toward health and disease; Live (raw) food regimen An observation of food combining and food categories used in Live food regimens. An illustration of consistent guidelines for Live (raw) food preparation.


A listing of 185 Wild and Indigenous foods that comprise the Seedbank that has been pioneered, their place of origin, and the ancient civilizations that cultivated them. The different Plant families they emerged from along with their botanical names.   An exploration of the relationship between soil and the availability of minerals which is  facilitated via microorganisms.  An exploration of the most impactful adulteration of foods which if not substituted could be the end of civilization in generations of the future

Transition to optimal health - wild and indigenous food

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