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Solanum sessiliflorum, the cocona, is a tropical shrub of the family Solanaceae. An easy-to-grow fruit from the Amazon Jungle! A distant relative of eggplant, cocona is commonly found growing in the Peruvian Amazon. Baker Creek Seed hunters Shannon McCabe and Deb Vlietstra found these at a jungle market in Iquitos, Peru. The fruit averages 2 inches across with a vivid yellow to red color. The flesh is totally unique, sour and sweet with a distinctly creamy texture. Locals use it to add a tangy kick to sweet juice blends. Fruit is also diced into relishes and served with yuca empanadas. Locals tout the fruit as a healthy diabetic-friendly food. Cocona performed very well at Baker Creek this season. This is an excellent greenhouse plant in cooler climates. Start seeds indoors Feb 1 and harvest fruit by Sept. in the garden. 10 seeds


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