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Eggplant - Solanum melongena


Udumalapet - (Solanum melongena) (aka Udmalbet) Beautiful and edible striped eggplant from India. Heavy yields of pear-shaped fruits are light green streaked with purple, ripening to golden-yellow with lavender stripes. Best eaten small, when fruits are about 3" long. Great for chutneys and curries. 3791

Eggplant - Solanum melongena


Thai green - select Heirloom from Thailand. Long slender 12" fruits have tender light green skin that does not require peeling. Fine quality mild white flesh absorbs flavors well. Prolific and drought resistant.

Eggplant - Solanum torvum


Noong Ta Klong Pea - This variety was located growing semi-wild in a village garden in Noong Ta Klong, Thailand. Used underripe, it is a crucial ingredient in many Thai dishes including green curry & some types of chili sauces. Bitter & seedy, these peasized eggplants pop when you bite them. With a mouthful of coconut curry, the right amount of chili & fish sauce, your taste buds go crazy. Fairly early to flower & mature. Very ornamental & unique foliage. Harvest for eating when fruit is bright green & for seeds when fruit turns orange with ripeness. We do not recommend eating fruit once it has turned orange.

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