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Slyvetta, Wild Arugula (European origin). This tender perennial has classic arugula taste with a slightly sharper, peppery flavor. Edible garnish. Smaller and slower growing than garden arugula. Indigenous pre-dating the year 1000. Tolerates heat, but thrives in cooler weather


ARUGULA "ROCKET"(Eruca sativa)

Arugula (European origin) This spicy salad and braising green has been grown for more than a century for its uniquely flavored, deeply cut leaves and zesty white flowers; its a direct strain from its wild ancestor (sylvetta

ARUGULA Wild Olive

Wild Olive leaf, Arugula - Rarely seen here in the US, this form of wild arugula is terrific as an accent for lettuce and other salads. Typical of the wild arugulas, it has a distinctive, more intense flavor than the cultivated types. The foliage has a beautiful light green color and smoother shape similar to an olive leaf.


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